Repurposed Furniture Pieces

Here at Peacock Life we strongly believe in reviving forgotten pieces of everyday life and restoring them back to life, with style and function. Experimenting with such furniture to extend ourselves and create quirky pieces making a statement in any space. Our retail store has always harboured such products. Reusing, repurposing and up-cycling remain as key elements of our design world.

Here are some simple ideas on how one can repurpose furniture with a little help from your carpenter:

1. A cast- off door or old window panel can be converted into a mirror by retaining the frame and adding a mirror

2. Old auto rickshaw seatscan be converted into sofas for indoor or outdoor use

3. An old bicycle can be recreated into a drinks trolley
4. Barnis where our grandmas stored pickles can be converted into vases. If you are creatively inclined, you can hand paint them too

5. Large metal tins that are used to store paints can be handpainted and converted into storage units
6. Milk cans can be converted into outdoor seating units by painting over them and adding a strong lid

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