Monsoon Decor Tips

Monsoon Fixes and More

Most of us have a love hate relationship with the rains. With the sweltering heat in May, we can’t wait for the rains to arrive. And then when it rains endlessly for days, we can’t wait for it to be over.

A few fixes around the home can help you enjoy this season more. Here’s how:

Wet Umbrellas and Shoes : Keep an umbrella stand at your entrance so all wet umbrellas don’t make their way in leaving a trail of water drops. An old planter or a large vase can work as a stand, there’s no need to buy one! For the shoes, a large faux grass door mat is perfect. Make sure you keep a fabric mat inside to wipe those wet feet

Bring in the chimes and votives: With lovely breeze blowing all day, the chiming will be music for the soul. Come evening, add to the home ambience with votives. Place fairy lights inside as tea lights won’t last in this weather!

Ditch the drapes : Replace those heavy curtains with sheers. Natural light is always uplifting so never block it out!

Add Color Pops: Adding color inside the home when the skies are grey always helps. Introduce color through cushion covers, candles and fresh flowers

Candles and Fragrances : Time to light those citronella and lemongrass candles that helps keep the flies away and makes your home smell like a serene spa

Have an outdoor seating area that gets wet? Install clear PVC blinds that will keep the water out and the light in!

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