6 Easy Ways To Beat The Winter Blues At Home

When winter weather kicks in and, it’s hard not to feel a little down when you’re waking up, and walking to work, in the dark, gloomy house. Brighten up your interior to keep you going with these decorating tips that can cheer you up and bring back the holiday sparkle.

1. Let The Winter Sunshine In
Keeping the curtains closed can make your home look dreary. Brighten up your living spaces with natural light during the daytime, and light a few candles when the sun goes down. Everyone loves a home that is cheery, bright, and spacious; opening the windows not only fills your home with light, it also makes your home appear larger.

2. Set Up A Cosy Corner
Choose a spot where you generally feel most relaxed, and set about making it as comfy and cosy as you can. Creating a warm feel in areas such as the living room and the bedroom will inspire feelings of comfort, especially when contrasted with the cold outdoors. Now is the time to add a couple of extra throws to your seating, not to mention floor cushions and a bright textured rug. The idea is to have at least one area in your home that’s completely winter-proof so that, when you need some extra comfort and warmth, you have a little hidey-hole to escape to.

3. Keep It Light
This first winter decor idea involves letting the light shine! For starters, you could drape globe lights from the ceiling. This look is so classic, you can keep it alive all year long! You could also invite a warm glow into your home with the help of candles and string lights. There are also great wake-up lights you can get your hands on, at a certain time in the morning, they’ll start to brighten your bedroom, making it easier to wake.

4. Paint Your World Bright
Painting is another great way to beat those winter blues. Vibrant colours like yellows or oranges make a room feel full of excitement and warmth. Pastels like lavenders and pinks can also help you to manage stress during winters. Orange and yellow evoke a sense of warmth. Not to mention, they are undeniably upbeat! A vibrant shade of blue can be calming and peaceful without evoking sadness.

5. Add Greenery
When you bring nature inside, you’re also bringing a form of energy inside of your home. Houseplants have many positive benefits: they help reduce anxiety, fatigue, increase mood levels and add beautiful scenery. Look for plants that have colourful blossoms for added vibrancy! Don’t forget about the power of small statements such as succulents and air plants. These low-maintenance indoor plants are quirky, stylish and eye-catching, especially when placed in containers such as glass terrariums. You can even create an artistic vignette with the help of pebbles, shells and other interesting additions!

6. Accessorize
Brighten up your space with simple and vibrant accessories like vases, flowers, colourful drapes or even wall decals. Fun coloured pillows, rugs and throws are always a plus!

Incorporating one or more of these interior design tips for winter will help you create a seasonably stylish home that’s sure to feel warm and welcoming for family and friends.

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